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Simplifying Communications Technology through a full service approach.


and Technology

Simplifying Communications Technology through a full service approach.

Seven Connection is a telecom and communications technology consulting firm with the vision to combine an unbiased, vendor-agnostic approach with deep expertise across service providers’ solutions.

At Seven Connection we know communications and IT services are more complex than ever, with an array of cross-industry suppliers offering everything from bandwidth and backup to software-as-a-service (SaaS) and all things cloud. To this we offer strong partnerships with top providers throughout the country allowing us to customize cost-effective and business-responsive solutions for our clients. We represent more than 200 solution providers across Cloud, Voice/Data, VoIP, Cable TV & Internet, SD-WAN, Cyber Security (Phishing Protection), Hosting/Colocation, Mobility, Conferencing, and Collaboration.

Keeping track of it all is a full-time job, and even then only those immersed in telecom and IT services on a daily basis know which providers are best for your needs, and whether or not you’re paying too much.

Seven Connection takes away the headaches of managing your services so you can focus on your own business with the confidence that an independent expert is making sure you always have the best provisions at the best prices.

Why work with us?

By partnering with Seven Connection, you get a single point of contact for all your communications technology infrastructure needs plus dedicated support at every step of the technology lifecycle – from discovery and sourcing to implementation and management. We serve as your trusted advocate and liaison in the technology infrastructure space.  The Seven Connection goal is to find a provider who will enhance our client’s communications technology solution and cut cost.  All our services are FREE so look into how we can provide you and your company true business value.

We provide a free, full service approach to improving your communications technology.


The demand for cloud-based solutions continues to grow as more and more popular business applications move to the cloud. There are many cloud-based business needs such as data storage and security to disaster recovery and colocation.


Connect with flexible and scalable network services needed to support your business. Whether a few miles away or across the country, our providers help you stay in sync. Find the most reliable & secure network services available from our most reputable providers.


Get the reliable voice services needed to stay connected. Whether looking for traditional phone, hosted voice or more advanced solutions, our providers offer cost-effective and scalable services to maintain vital business communications.

Internet + Bandwidth

Business moves fast and every business depends on reliable Internet. We can offer high speed DSL, fiber or satellite services for small businesses or large enterprises. We will provide flexible solutions for more control and management of Internet costs.

Managed Services

Gain a peace of mind knowing your IT services are being managed by expert providers. We help customers spend less time on everyday IT tasks and more time focused on their business. Customers with limited IT staff who want to improve efficiencies and reduce hardware costs can choose from our best-in-class managed service providers.

Expense Management

Eliminate the hassle of managing and closely monitoring telecommunication expenses. Expense management solutions offer important and useful tools to easily monitor telecommunication expenses for voice, data and managed services.


We have partnered up with the top Software-Defined WAN providers in the country. The software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is a specific application of software-defined networking (SDN) technology applied to WAN connections, which are used to connect enterprise networks – including branch offices and data centers – over large geographic distances.

Cyber Security

When it comes to the internet, protecting yourself and information is critical. We provide industry leading cyber security measures to protect your company from email phishing attempts and other advanced cyberthreats.

CableTV + Internet

We’ve partnered with many big cable companies all across the country.  These partnerships allow us to offer you affordable CableTV & Internet plans in your area, so ordering your new CableTV & Internet couldn’t be easier!

Customized Network Solutions

We believe that a simple bill break down and analysis is key when it comes to responding effectively to your network infrastructure needs.

First we define who your company is and what it’s needs are to determine what solutions will work best.

We work with the top master agencies to create a plan for bringing you the best in class service.

We work with you to get your new communication systems up and running smoothly and create an infrastructure for future support.

Meet the Team

Board of Directors

Steve Durante has over 30 years experience in the tech and communications industries. He has held senior positions at Fortune 500 companies as well as been a principal in several successful startups.

Steve DurantePrincipal

The depth of knowledge and carrier experience Scott brings to the table is complemented by his everyday commitment to providing long-term value to every customer.

Scott McBrienPresident

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